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How to get Ip of ur System?

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How i can see ip of my system?
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pavan pavan is offline
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1) Bring up your command prompt by clicking on your Start button and then hitting Run in Windows XP, and type in CMD in the box and hit Enter. If using Vista, type in CMD in the Search box and hit Enter when you hit the Windows icon at the bottom left of your start screen.

2) Type in IPCONFIG after the new prompt that is opened in the Dos window. This will bring up all the network information on your system, as well as let you know if you have any errors with your IP address. You should not have or 165 or 169 as the first three numbers of your IP address. This information is found under Ethernet on this screen.
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chudhary.faisal chudhary.faisal is offline
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1. Click on the Start button and then click on Run command.. A new Dialog Box Appear... In New Dialog Box, type cmd and hit Enter.

2. A New Dialog Box appear with black background screen Named MS DOS, then type IPCONFIG... Your System IP Address is visible...
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