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Re: DDR3 v DDR2 and SLi Support?

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I hope you realize that you have to have a motherboard that supports DDR3?
There a couple of boards out there that have slots for both DDR2 and DDR3,
which is kind of crazy.
With current processors and motherboards the differences in performance with
DDR3 are reported to be negligible.
However if Intel comes out with Nehalem processors by the end of the year
the equation changes.
The newer Intel processors will have a memory controller built into the CPU
instead of the chipset and are going to use DDR3 memory only in a 3 slot,
rather than the current two slot, configuration.
I have also read that Nvidia is finally going to allow Intel to use SLI on
its motherboards. It is not clear if Nvidia has a license from Intel to
create mobos for the Nehalem processors so that Intel boards may be it for
the near future. I have read that these mobos will give the user a choice
of using either two Nvidia or two ATI cards, for whatever benefit they
imagine two cards gives over one.

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