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Re: Effective Test Driven Development w/ ASP.NET, C#, Visual Studio?

Yan-Hong Huang[MSFT]
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Hello Steve,

Thanks for the quick response.

I agree with you that the document in this area is little. On my opinion,
it is better to contact Microsoft Consulting Service to see if they could
help you more on this topic. They could be reached at:

Thanks again for participating the community. If there are any questions on programming, please feel free to post here.

Best regards,
Yanhong Huang
Microsoft Online Partner Support

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!On Tue, 14 Oct 2003 08:07:28 GMT, (E-Mail Removed) (Yan-Hong
!Huang[MSFT]) wrote:
!>Hello Steve,
!>Thanks for the quick response. I am glad to work with you on it. MSDN
!>doesn't have many articles in this area. The article that I mentioned is
!>the only hit when I searched this topic.
!>By the way, I also found another article online:
!>"Get Test Infected with NUnit: Unit Test Your .NET Data Access Layer"
!>This artilce is not in MSDN. But I think you could still get some idea
!>it. It demonstrates how to use NUnit and some related tools for
!>successfully support testing a Data Access Layer for ASP.NET applications.
!Well, it's not what I'm searching for, but its more stuff that -will- be
!useful. Thanks for generously helping me with my search.
!- Steve J.

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