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Single string vs list of strings

Scott Sharkey
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Hi All,

I have a need to determine whether a passed variable is a single string,
or a list of strings. What is the most pythonic way to do this?

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Joe Strout
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On Oct 30, 2008, at 8:55 AM, Grant Edwards wrote:

> The question you might want to asked is whether the parameter
> is a single string or a sequence of strings. That way your
> code will also work with an iterator that returns strings.
>>>> type('asdf') is str

> True

I agree with the general approach, but this test will fail for Unicode
strings, and so is probably bad mojo moving forward. Instead I suggest:

isinstance(x, basestring)

which will work whether x='asdf' or x=u'asdf'.

- Joe

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Grant Edwards wrote:

> Checking to see if something is a sequence of strings is a bit
> trickier, since a string is actually a sequence of strings.

For that reason I'd just check whether it's a string,
and if it's anything else, assume it's a sequence of
strings. You'll find out soon enough if it doesn't
support indexing or iterating or whatever you want to
do with it.

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