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Refreshing parent page from a child page opened as a modal dialog boxOptions

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Default.aspx is the starting page containing a control(ascx) which
asp:button control on it. On the button click event it has to open a
new page as a modal control. Since refreshing a page in a dialog box
ended up opening up a new browser window with the aspx page, I read
a forum that I should use the iframe control and since I have to open
a bunch of pages as diaogboxes, I created a general
page(Container.aspx) which has an iframe control on it, which I then
pass a parameter(pageToGoTo) specifying the aspx page that has to be
opened as a dialogbox.

Sequence of events and code are as follows:

On the default.aspx page I have added a control with a button. On the
button click server side event on that control, I call an aspx page.

string script = String.Format("window.showModalDialog(\"{0}?
pageToGoTo=testWebForm01.aspx\", \"testWebForm01.aspx
\" ,'dialogWidth=520px;dialogHeight=650px;dialogTop=1 25px;dialogLeft=125px;');*",
script, true);

On the Container.aspx I have an iframe control called frameTest which
I load on Page_Load event as follows

string pageToGoTo =
frameTest.Attributes["src"] = pageToGoTo;

This is then able to load the testWebForm01.aspx in the iframe

Now on a button click event on testWebForm01.aspx I want to close the
testWebForm01 form and reload default.aspx so that the control on
default.aspx. I added the following javascript code to

function refreshParent()
window.opener.location.href = window.opener.location.href;

if (window.opener.progressWindow)

// parent.refresh();
// self.close();

and called it on the server side button_click event as follows

string script = "refreshParent()";
script, true);

I keep getting window.opener is null error.

I read on another forum that if we have used showModalDialog method
then window.opener method is not initialized.

I did play around with trying to initialize it but haven't had any

Does anybody have any idea on how refreshing the parent page can be
accomplished? Please let me know.



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