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BA/BS degree in 4 weeks
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BA/BS degree in 4 weeks
Accelerated Degree Program

You may choose your major and we will evaluate your CV and previous
transcripts and certificates free of charge.

Send us your CV and mention your major of interest by email at Removed), we will reply you with program plan,
tuition fee and study duration.

You may even complete a degree program within 4 months if you have
already obtained certain level of education.

By CLEP, DANTES, Brainbench, your other certifications, experience,
Tests and Higher National Diploma or other diplomas, you can complete
our degree requirement even much faster, we will tell you the cheapest
way to obtain PHU Degree.

Affordable degree with low tuition fee and installment plans.

If you want a plan, contact us now.
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Where to send email
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Before you pay for any assessment - this thread promoted the following response from the author of BA in 4 Weeks.

How to earn a degree online, cheaply and quickly, without getting ripped off.

BA in 4 Weeks is free and details how a U.S. regionally accredited bachelor degree can be earned entirely or in part, using CLEP, DANTES, Excelsior College Examinations (ECE), and GRE subject examinations, at very low cost and in short order. Degrees are conferred by U.S. regionally accredited institutions. BA in 4 Weeks does not confer degrees, nor does it partner with any specific degree-granting institution, or have any kind of formal relationship with any institution.

The U.S. regionally accredited colleges featured in BA in 4 Weeks comprise the following assessment institutions: Charter Oak State College, Excelsior College of Albany, New York, and Thomas Edison State College. Readers are urged to ensure that any institution offering American associate, bachelor, or advanced degrees, is U.S. regionally Accredited.

For more information on earning your bachelor degree wholly or in part by examination visit the web site. It is free and no one will try to sell you anything (other than the google ads which help defray upkeep costs, and these can easily be blocked by your browser if they are an annoyance).The information appearing in BA in 4 Weeks is a rare example of something in life that appears too good to be true, actually being true. However, there are a legion of opportunists out there who seek to ride on the back of the success of the BA in 4 Weeks treatise and the web site it spawned, to part you from your money. Caveat Emptor!

If you find you have been sold or offered for profit, any material from BA in 4 Weeks by anyone, contact DMCAcompliance <at>

BA in 4 Weeks and the web site are the copyright of Lawrie Miller. No other party is authorized to sell or distribute any material pertaining to the above. While the information appearing on the web site is presented free of charge, it may not be downloaded or distributed without prior authorization. The web site is designed to assist adult learners whose goal is to earn a legitimate undergraduate degree.

Lawrie Miller
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