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Access to the path ... is denied

calvinkwoo3000 calvinkwoo3000 is offline
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Hi All,

I develop an web application which will read a file data from another server directory and insert to database. example : \\abcabc\financedata\PA\mthData.123.

Below is my coding


Using objReader As StreamReader = New StreamReader("\\abcabc\financedata\PA\mthData.123" )

Do While Not objReader.EndOfStream
strLine = objReader.ReadLine()
str1 = strLine.Substring(6, 4)
str2 = strLine.Substring(10, 2)
str3 = CDbl(strLine.Substring(134, 10))
' Insert data to server
bln = dbAccess.importComm_P("I", str1, str2, str3)
Label3.Text = "Success!"
End Using
Catch ex As Exception
Label3.Text = "File mthData.123 not found!"
Label3.Text &= ex.Message

End Try

when i run this at localhost (http://localhost:4207/ttt/filename.aspx)

It working success!

but when i move the application file to Development server,

when i run it at ( or

it show me File mthData.123 not found! Access to the path '\\abcabc\financedata\PA\mthData.123' is denied

May i know what happen and what can i do to solve it,

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johny84 johny84 is offline
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It seems like you have not copied all the necessary files.
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