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Non-sequential shuffle help

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I'm having a bit of difficulty. I'm trying to make a program that takes a command line argument and then shuffles it then prints the shuffled numbers. However, the numbers cannot follow in oder. Ie: 2 cannot follow 3, 6 cannot follow 5, etc.

Here is my code:
	int numSongs = Integer.parseInt(args[0]);

	int[] song = new int[numbSongs];
	for (int position = 0; position < numbSongs; position++) {
	    int list = position;
	    song[position] = list;
   	for (int current = 0; current < numbSongs; current++) {
	    int swap = current + (int) (Math.random() * (numbSongs - current));
	    int tempSong = song[current];
	    song[current] = song[swap];
	    song[swap] = tempSong;
	    if (song[current] == song[swap+1] || song[current] == song[swap-1])
		{ HELP!  }
		{ System.out.println(song[swap]); }
	System.out.println(song[current] + " ");
My problem, I do not know what to put in where it says "HELP" in bold, red letters. I've tried numerous things! Each time, to no avail. Please help!
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