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MES Jones
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I remember when beta vrs vhs was going on. With the long play and
extended play modes of vhs giving you more time, it won out. I think
much the same thing has happened with blueray. Also, there is such a
thing as "too much detail". If you see that the sets are realy painted
canvas, and all the makeup lines on the actor's face, it kind of ruins
Personaly I wish that all tv would have been closer to 700 lines/24
frames per second progressive and the same aspect ratio as 35mm movie
film. It would have created less problems all these years.
If I was to want a format to come into popularity and wide use, I
think it would be digital vhs. You can record high def, and it actualy
works. With a dvd, disks freeze up because of a scratch, there is all
that format/finalize ect mess. With vhs, it always works. You can
slam it into the machine, and be recording in a matter of seconds. If
you go over into comercials, you just hit stop and go back to where you
want to pick up and record from there. Re record on any machine of any
brand. Yes it has problems, but at least you can depend on it.
Unless you buy cheap machines and tape, which I don't. mes.

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