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WebDav, Translate: f, ASP.NET

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My company has an IIS 5, intranet site that contains documents
for employee use. The files are of various types (most often Office)
and are stored in blob fields in a SQL2000 database. The
organizational structure of the files is virtual and is managed by the

We find it clunky that in order to manage these documents, the user
must download the document, make changes, save the file locally and
reupload via a web form interface. We would prefer that the user open
and save these files via WebDav. Put another way, we would like to
provide functionality, by way of a custom WebDav handler, so that a
user can interact with the virtual directory structure via web

Since the IIS 5 implementation of WebDav seems impossible to separate
from an actual directory structure, we turned off WebDav and had hoped
to handle the various WebDav methods ourselves via ASP.Net.

We've ascertained that the initial contact a web folders-enabled
application makes with the server is done with the HTTP PROPFIND
method. We have found it impossible to receive PROPFIND requests with
the "Translate: f" header in the body. We have tried to rewrite the
Translate header via a top level ISAPI filter which rewrites the http
request. No luck: it seems that IIS disallows the request prior to
even reaching the ISAPI filters.

So, here's the question: is it possible to handle WebDav requests with
the Translate: f header without IIS's WebDav enabled.

Our server is running Windows 2000 SP3 with the following cumulative
path installed:;en-us;811114

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