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Glenn Linderman
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On approximately 10/19/2008 1:41 PM, came the following characters from
the keyboard of Removed):
> Derek Martin:
>> I know of several people who favor the idea of "indent with tab, align
>> with space." [...] I favor this myself actually, [...]

> Thanks Guido, in Python3 this is finally a Syntax Error (I have asked
> for this probably about three years ago).

What has changed with respect to white space? via what PEP #?

> Unfortunately the new Python-syntax-based Delight language starts with
> a half-bad foot regarding indents:

ick. As recommended on the epage, I won't be trying the Delight language.

Glenn --
A protocol is complete when there is nothing left to remove.
-- Stuart Cheshire, Apple Computer, regarding Zero Configuration Networking

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