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Panel with vivible=false in source code / large source

Jens-Oliver Murer
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I have a problem with an ASP.Net-application which generates very
large source codes which have to be sent to the clients through 'thin'
The main problem seems to be a Datagrid which contains several hundred
rows (I'd split them, but our customer wants it this way). I already
disabled the ViewState and cut the source by nearly half.
I use two datagrids on the page, which can be displayed alternately by
setting the visible-parameter of the sourrounding panels of the grids.
I was under the impression that a setting to visible=false would
surpress a rendering of the invisible objects to the source code, as I
had to recognize this isn't the case. Even when the big grid is set to
invisible it is contained in the source-code even though not displayed
to or needed by the user.
Is there a option to surpress the output of invisible objects without
destroying and recreating the objects or re-writing the whole page to
split it up into two pages?

best regards

jens Murer
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Jens-Oliver Murer
Posts: n/a
I'm using Panel.visible=false
If this internally only triggers a CSS-style I'd understand that the
panel remains in the source, but I thought it would be a server-side
parameter which wouldn't lead to a output in the source.
The visibility of the datagrids are changed on PageLoad when the
decision is made, which of the panels has to be shown.
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