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Accessing vb of usercontrol within usercontrol

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Whilst I've found some possible responses on this same issue, the solutions either don't work or I don't understand them properly.

I have a form where there are usercontrols nested within usercontrols. When an event is fired at the form level, such as a PageIndex_Changing, I subsequently fire the corresponding PageIndex_Changing event in the subordinate usercontrol. However, I have had to extend one of the usercontrols with a further subordinate usercontrol as I have a situation where there are many subordinate records to the one superordinate one. The problem appears to be however, that the lowest level usercontrol is not being recognised, so

PanelMemberUserControl.PanelMemberFormView_PageIndexChanging(sender, e)
gets a blue squiggly line under "PanelMemberUserControl" and I get the error message "Name 'PanelMemberUserControl' is not declared." I have seen suggestions that the user control must be either declared, or I need to use FindControl to access it, but I've not managed to make either of these work.

Your help would be appreciated.

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