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telnet/rsh not responding

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My router all the sudden is not allowing me to do remote manage it. I
was able to telnet to it a few days ago but now everytime I try to
telnet/rsh to it I get a long wait proceded by "host is not
reponding," There was no config in the vty lines. Since this problem
on the console I added

transport input all

I have tried clearing all the vty lines and nothing.
Between the time I was able to access it to the time I am not no one
has even on into config mode.

sh proc is under 30%
no acl on the fe interface or loopbacks
the router is functioning fine and pingable. none of the interfaces
are conjested. The only prob is the vty lines appear to be hosed.

this is an old 7206xvr npe 300 running 12.0(25)S1

any suggestions
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