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Re: Recommendation for external hard drive

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On Oct 11, 8:56*pm, "Mike Easter" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote:
> (E-Mail Removed) wrote:
> > I have/had a Western Digital My Book Essential that died on me at less
> > than a year old. While I've always used nothing but WD drive and have
> > never until now had a problem with them, I"ve done some research and
> > find their external drives are problematic to say the least. Can anyone
> > recommend a good external drive in the 500Gb and up range? USB or
> > Firewire.

> Some people think they need an external when they could use something that
> had less vulnerable failure points.
> Why do /you/ think you need an external instead of some of the
> alternatives?
> --
> Mike Easter

Some people (like me!) use a back-up external h.d. because they travel
a lot. I have two different PCs at work and one of course at home.
Because of IT-imposed restrictions at work, it is not practical nor
wise to rely on Web-based back-up services. External, truly portable
h.d.s are the best way to go for people like us (or a flash drive if
you don't have to back-up that much).
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