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Linux use stagnates again

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On Sun, 12 Oct 2008 18:41:26 +1300, Will Spencer wrote:

> On Sat, 11 Oct 2008 12:07:34 +0100, Chris Wilkinson wrote:
>> Linux is a freedom from ****wits like you, who would have all the
>> computing world wrapped up in a lovely little controlled parcel with a
>> Microsoft badge on the front. I have exercised my right to choose, by
>> using openSUSE. Lying, smearing, trolling pieces of human trash like
>> you are only interested in forcing people like me to "conform" to
>> Microsofts alleged "standards". I refuse to conform to a path not of my
>> own choosing, so **** off.
>> Kind regards,
>> Chris Wilkinson, Edinburgh.

> Why are you angry with me? We should be angry with you. We've been
> waiting for a decade and a half for you "freedom fighters" to save the
> world from Microsoft. I think where you went wrong is that you got
> conned into using by far the WORST Open Source OS of the 90's as your
> frontline of attack - "Linux", when there were superior alternatives. Oh
> well, too late now. You guys blew it! So **** you wanker, because of
> your ineptitude I gotta start saving for Dimdows 7.
> -ws

I wouldnt worry to much ... he trolls the suse forums bleating about
why the the linux **** doesnt work ... lennier and him would have to be
the biggest ****wits i have ever encountered in forums.


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