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Re: Quality sound on a computer?

wisdomkiller & pain
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      10-07-2008 Removed) wrote:

> I'm currently running a Windows XP system, and my sound card is a Creative
> Sound Blaster PCI512. I'm using Logitech desktop speakers with a
> sub-woofer. The sound is okay, but I'm wondering if I can get better sound

There may be different models of the Logitech with woofer, but usually they
offer reasonably value for money. Of course, a good stereo amplifier with
hifi boxen sort of >10 pounds each one may give better sound quality.
Acoustical properties of your room and placement of speakers also have much
effect on sound quality.

> with different speakers or a different sound card. The sound card has been
> in my system since I built it nearly four years ago. All of the music I
> listen to is .mp3 ripped at at least a
> bitrate of 192. Is there a way to notice a difference with an upgrade of
> speakers or sound card? Are the Bose computer speakers any good? Thanks.

Soundblaster pci should be still fine, but they can go bad, develop
background noise and distortions, just like any other electronics. Your
computer powersupply may introduce ripple voltage and noise as well.
Bose is or was a good brand name, but I would rather read reviews and visit
a shop where you can listen by yourself.
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