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Gigabyte 9800GT 512MB

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      10-05-2008 take a look at the Gigabyte 9800GT 512MB Video Card, which sells for just $120:

NVIDIA has been releasing new high-end video cards nearly every six months for nearly 10 years now. The first video card on this release schedule was the Riva 128 card from 1997. This was followed by several generations of video cards including the GeForce FX, the GeForce 6800 Ultra. The latest high-end card from NVIDIA is the GeForce GTX 280 which much has been written about. But as was noted in the HD 4650 review, most sales are in the under $100 price range and not in the $300 range that the HD 4870 or GeForce GTX 260 would require. NVIDIA and ATI have released new cards for the under $200 price point, the GeForce 9800GT and the HD 4850 respectively. The Gigabyte 9800GT 512MB is the card on the review slate today.
Read the review here.
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