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Basic question #2

M. Norton
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On Sep 29, 11:00*pm, m <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote:
> > It's kind of funny that *today* I had the exact same sensation, but
> > while reading a Verilog book.

> Yeah, I guess it can be that way.
> I write a lot of C and C++, so maybe Verilog feels more familiar.
> Your brain doesn't have to "context switch" to think of saying things
> in a radically different way. *I used to do lots of work in Forth. *I
> abandoned it because of the same reason. *For me it is far easier to
> try to keep it as similar as possible. *Very often I'll switch to
> writing embedded code in C while the FPGA tools are compiling. *Coming
> back to Verilog isn't a problem.
> I can see the power and flexibility of VHDL. *I've known this for a
> long time. *Now I am forced to work with it, so my opinion could
> change inside of 3.4 weeks.

It is definitely one of those sensations based on what you are more
used to. The last serious C I wrote was probably 10 years ago, so I
never quite grok the similarities between Verilog and C. I have a
board design background and learned VHDL first, so Verilog seems
quirky to me (e.g. the whole concept of wires and regs... technically
I know why it's done that way, but it feels like an unnecessary
distinction... in VHDL EVERYTHING is a net and register is behavior
defined by the code, very straightforward).

Definitely take some time to get to know the language, but you will
still probably always have a preference for your first HDL . The
important thing to remember is... that's perfectly okay.

For what it's worth, if you are familiar enough with Emacs, the VHDL
language mode is very helpful in managing some of the tasks that seem
repetitive (cutting and pasting an entity as a component, pasting it
as a instantiation, etc.) That might help ease some of that -- I know
for me that's the most tedious aspect. You can do it with vi as well,
just not quite as automated. You have to be quick and handy with on
the fly keyboard macros. I really really wish someone skilled in both
elisp and vim-script would come up with a translation of VHDL mode.

Good luck!

Best regards,
Mark Norton

P.S.: I also like Forth
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