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WinExplorer slowdown / crash on Wifi transfers

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I have a partially working WiFi network, able to move files from main system
to subordinate system. Strange behaviour, though. Transfers start out
normally with the message box with animated document icon, progress bar and
files being moved. Then the animation stops, the progress bar and time
remaining fields are not updated and the file names do not change. Task
Manager shows network activity continuing. The Explorer main panes are not
updated as normal. Sometimes the transfers complete and Explorer redraws its
panes - very slowly. Eventually, though, the network traffic ceases.
Explorer becomes a 'not responding' application that must be terminated.
Restart of explorer claims the network connection is nonexistent. Only way
to clear it is to cycle power on the Wifi router (ASDL).

Anyone seen this before or understands what causes the problem?
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