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Data selection by DDL and Paging in the FormView

Jürgen Schulz
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Hi NG,

I have on a aspx side a FormView control for indicating, working on and adding individual data records,
which is bound to a ObjectDataSource1. The ObjectDataSource1 is based on a strongly typed DataSet. Paging
is adjusted in the FormView. So far everything functions.
Afterwards I positioned a drop down list outside of the FormView, so that I can jump to certain data records.
The ObjectDataSource1 to the FormView is bound had to be changed, in order to take over the selection of the DDL.
For the DDL I generated a ObjectDataSource2.

GetHardwareByNode_Name(String Node_Name), returns RechnerdatenDataTable
SELECT Node_Name, Nutzer, Standort, Telefon, Prozessor_Typ, Prozessor_Frequenz, Motherboard_Typ, Memory,
Memory_Typ, PCIe_x1, PCIe_x16, PCI_X, PCI, SCSI, SATA, SATA_Typ, RAID_Typ, IDE, LAN1,
LAN1_Vlan, LAN1_Dose, LAN1_TCP, LAN1_MAC, LAN2, LAN2_Vlan, LAN2_Dose, LAN2_TCP, LAN2_MAC
FROM Rechnerdaten
WHERE (Node_Name = @Node_Name)
ORDER BY Node_Name

Name: Node_Name
Value: DropDownList1.SelectedValue
Source of parameter: Control
ControlID: DropDownlist1
GetDataByNode_Name(), returns RechnerdatenDataTable
SELECT Node_Name FROM Rechnerdaten ORDER BY Node_Name

The result is everything functions with exception of Paging. The reason lies naturally in the change of
ObjectDataSource1. Which I can do around additionally the Paging to make possible.
An hint or an idea would be very helpful.

Regards Jürgen
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