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CRC in CAN Controller.

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Dear all,

While reading the CAN controller Bosch spec, I noticed the CRC logic mentioned in it.

I know that the CRC is the reminder after the division of the input sequence by the generator polynomial.

I am familiar with the concept/logic of,

MSB of zero --> Shift left bring in next bit.

MSB one --> Xor with generator polynomial and shift left.

But this logic cannot be used directly if the input is serial.

On the other hand, we cannot waste clocks waiting for enough bits to come to start CRC calculation.

Logic in Bosch spec is tackling this situation. But i couln't get the real mathematics behind this logic.

This is the pseudo code. Generator polynomial is x15+x14+x10+x8+x7+x4+x3+1 equivalent to 4599 H.


CRC_RG = 0; // initialize 15-bit shift register
CRC_RG(14:1) = CRC_RG(13:0); // shift left by 1
CRC_RG(0) = 0;
CRC_RG(14:0) = CRC_RG(14:0) EXOR (4599hex);
UNTIL (CRC SEQUENCE starts or there is an ERROR condition)


Please help.

Looking forward to hear from you.

Thanks in advance.

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