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Re: TV Green Screen of Death

Bucky Breeder
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"Reggie Dunlop" <slap@shot> wrote in
news:(E-Mail Removed):

> Comcast Cable digital HD service with DVR, Panasonic 42" HD
> plasma.....wife accidentally hit unknown button/combo of buttons on the
> Comcast remote causing GSOD-- though audio was normal. Also, could play
> DVDs normally with correct picture/sound.
> Could not restore except by unplugging cable box from electric outlet
> for a few minutes. Plugged it back in and all was OK.
> So what was the problem-- and is there an easier way to fix?

Your cable box is actually a "modem" and it is authorized by MAC address to
link to your provider's "WAN" and then the chipsets load the current
information being sent from your provider's servers. Sometimes, in some
locations, even a slight power-surge will interrupt the signal and the
answer is to reboot your cable access box just as you have described.

When you powered it down, paused, then powered it back up, you rebooted it.

The problem? Wife = unknown... "accidentally hit" = unknown...
your status on the psychological continuum = unknown...

At first impulse, I'd urge you to NOT beat up your wife, and even encourage
you to go pickup those beer cans all over your yard before you give the
whole trailer-park a bad name when the Jerry Springer crews show up with
those traffic-obstructing satellite trucks and start taping... or,

Call your provider. They have 24/7 technical-support and you are paying
them good money to figure this silly stuff out for you.


I *am* Bucky Breeder, (*(^; , and *I* approved this message!
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