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Re: New High-End Canon Cameras Announced

David J Taylor
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ASAAR wrote:
> On Mon, 22 Sep 2008 15:18:54 GMT, David J Taylor wrote:
>>> I normally keep the S3 IS's digital zoom feature disabled. These
>>> were two test shots made just for comparison's sake.

>> OK - and what was your conclusion from the comparison?

> The shots were of a house on the other side of a lake. It wasn't
> a pre-planned comparison but a spur of the moment exercise, so care
> wasn't taken to keep as many things as equal as possible, such as
> the exposure. All shots were at f/4.0, but with DG enabled (4x) the
> shutter speed was 1/1,000 sec. and with it disabled, 1/640 sec.
> This caused highlights in a white garage to be seen in the DG
> version, but they were blown out in the other shots. Other than
> that, with the DG shot seen at the default magnification in
> Irfanview (31%) and the other increased to 120% to get a comparable
> view, the DG version seemed murkier and the non-DG version crisper.
> On the other hand when pixel peeping (100% vs. 400%), it was no
> contest. The shots that used the digital zoom looked pretty good
> but the ones taken without the DG enabled were horribly pixellated.
> All shots were taken BTW, on a large Manfrotto tripod. Large by
> P&S standards and more than adequate for my D50 with my lenses, but
> not what you'd want to use with 300mm f/2.8 lenses and larger.
> Also, no post processing was done. My guess is that pp would have
> done more for the shots that didn't use the digital zoom. I'd have
> to say that Canon's implementation of the digital zoom exceeded my
> expectations, but it's not a feature that'll get much use if only
> because it really needs to be used with a tripod.

Thanks for your report, ASAAR. It sounds as if you've found similar
results to me - that digital zoom is not completely useless, but equally
not something you would use often. I must admit that I've not used DG at
a 4:1 extra zoom setting, though, just 2:1. 4:1 would put you into the
focal length region of 1600-1700mm, so I can appreciate the need for a
good tripod!


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