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MapPath Image Stored on Another Server

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We moved our main Application but not our web apps and now we're not able to
view our TIF / Bitmap images on the web data entry page.
We had....
Our scanner deposited TIF files for web based data input.
Physical path was D:\Apps\OurApp\Apps\ClientScans
OurApp mapped as U:\ so....
Mapped path was U:\Apps\ClientScans
WebConfig <add key="imageSrc" value="U:\Apps\ClientScans"/>
All was well and good for years with our same loction webpages...

Now we have...
U:\ is mapped to another Server
Our scanner sends TIF files there.
This ClientScans folder is shared as such w/full permissions to everyone,
including ASPNET.
The webserver, CServer01 (new location/server) has a virtual web,
ClientScans, and I can browse to the default.html helloworld page
..Net page snipit...
Dim ImageToShow as Bitmap = Image.FromFile(Server.MapPath(_FileName))
...end snipit
WebConfig <add key="imageSrc" value="http://CServer01/ClientScans"/>
....also tried
WebConfig <add key="imageSrc" value="//CServer01/ClientScans"/>

Any clues as to how to AGAIN enable pulling images files from w/out LAN from
another server to view in our data input ASP.Net webpage?
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