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Gigabyte 9800 Gt

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Bjorn 3D take a look at the GIGABYTE 9800 GT graphics card, and find it is an overclockers dream choice for mid-range gamers:

By comparison, the GIGABYTE 9800 GT looks strikingly similar to the 8800 GT from NVIDIA. You could be forgiven for mixing the two cards up and to be honest NVIDIA did not do enough to differentiate the two outside of using a different name. Also, this card does not come with any overclock from GIGABYTE though, as we'll soon find out this is not a problem.

In its stock form you could expect the 9800 GT to perform identically to its 8800 GT sibling. The 9800 GT does have one trick up its sleeve and it's a big one. One that is big enough to change the entire game and give the 9800 GT from GIGABYTE a huge kick in the pants. Keep reading to find out what it is.
Read the review here.
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