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Can I return the count of an array?

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I have this code which takes in a file, reads it in as a binary array,
and prints the array.

Is there anyway I can write a code which would print the number of
binary values taken and printed? like a counter? So basically if a
file consists of 10529 bits... I want it to print that value also. Any

void dBinary(unsigned);

int main()

char filename[60];
cout << "Please enter the filename you wish to use to embed: \n";
cin >> filename;

ifstream in;, ios::in);
char ch;

// Assign each byte to ch
// and then pass it to the function dBinary
while (in.get(ch)) {

cout << endl << endl << endl;
return 0;

void dBinary(unsigned u)
register int b;

for (b = 128; b > 0; b = b/2) {
(u & b) ? (cout << '1') : (cout << '0');

Thanks in advance for your help.

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Juha Nieminen
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Mesvak wrote:
> char filename[60];
> cout << "Please enter the filename you wish to use to embed: \n";
> cin >> filename;

What happens if the user writes more than 59 characters? ("But I am
the only one who is going to use this." Fine, but you can make a mistake

What's wrong with using std::string?

> ifstream in;
>, ios::in);

Nitpicking, but given that ios::in is the default for std::ifstream,
you don't have to specify it. Besides, you can open the name in the

std::ifstream in(filename);
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