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Re: Need ZoomBrowser Software or Alternative

Olin K. McDaniel
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On Sat, 13 Sep 2008 20:32:13 -0500, Doug McDonald
<(E-Mail Removed)> wrote:

>tony cooper wrote:
>> I have never been to Ocean City, but I have been to Boston many times.
>> Boston may have a better selection, but finding the place that sells
>> it can be an unsurmountable task for someone who is a visitor to
>> Boston. I have driven for hours in Boston with my destination in
>> sight, but unable to find a street that leads to that destination. All
>> streets lead to a one-way street going back to where you started.
>> The only way to find something in Boston is to tie a cow to one's
>> bumper and let the cow pull the car.

>That's becuase the streets were actually DESIGNED by cows. Well,
>at least Mass Ave was.
>I lived in Cambridge for four years. You are correct about Boston, but
>it is worse:
>1) if you get there, you had to double park, if you were lucky,
>triple park if not.
>2) I drove about 30 miles in Boston proper, and had five accidents ...
>all rear ended by some Boston bozo driver. That's one accident
>every 6 miles. After that, I took the subway. Cambridge was no problem.
>Doug McDonald

Since this subject has drifted off so badly from original, and these
two posts bring back some memories, I'll add my comments. I had to
spend some time in Boston while in the Navy, back in the early 1950's.
We used to joke about people who would come up to a stop sign, and not
stop but pull out in front of anyone. It was decreed we should not
let them see us looking at them, they would then know we saw them.
The stated only way to force them to give you the right of way was to
not look at them - if you had the courage to risk it.

Olin McDaniel
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the difference is hardly distinguishable, however."
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