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responding to an event from a dynamically created control

carhip carhip is offline
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I have created a table dynamically, and I create in it several LinkedButton controls.
I register the Click event with my handling method, but it never gets called.
Can anyone help with that?
I would really appreciate it. Thanks.

Protected Sub Page_Load(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles Me.Load

If Not Page.IsPostBack Then
'header row
columnHeaders = New CRowData()
columnHeaders.arrData(0)._textData = "Zero"
columnHeaders.arrData(1)._textData = "Column Uno"

'initial row of data
Dim row1 As New CRowData()
row1.arrData(0)._textData = "RowUno"
row1.arrData(1)._textData = "SampleData"

rows = New List(Of CRowData)

Session("columnHeaders") = columnHeaders
Session("rows") = rows

End If

End Sub

Sub SetupTable()

'add header cells
Dim rowHeader As New TableRow()
For i As Integer = 0 To columnHeaders.arrData.Count - 1
Dim tCell As New TableHeaderCell()
tCell.Text = columnHeaders.arrData(i)._textData

'add rows to the table

For indexRow As Integer = 0 To rows.Count - 1
'add first row cell (row title)
Dim thCell As New TableHeaderCell()
thCell.Text = "text"

Dim lb As New LinkButton()
lb.EnableViewState = True
lb.ID = indexRow.ToString
lb.PostBackUrl = "default.aspx"
lb.Text = rows(indexRow).arrData(0)._textData + lb.ID
AddHandler lb.Click, AddressOf btnEdit_Click

Dim row As New TableRow()
'add the remaining cells
For indexColumn As Integer = 1 To columnHeaders.arrData.Count - 1
Dim tCell As New TableCell()
tCell.Text = rows(indexRow).arrData(indexColumn)._textData
End Sub

Protected Sub btnEdit_Click(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs)
columnHeaders = Session("columnHeaders")
rows = Session("rows")

'cycle thru the row headers and find the sender

For index As Integer = 0 To rows.Count - 1
Dim lb As LinkButton = CType(sender, LinkButton)
If lb.UniqueID = CType(Table1.Rows(index).Cells(0).Controls(0), LinkButton).UniqueID Then
lb.Text = "Bingo"
End If

End Sub
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