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onmouseover IE - Firefox

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K guys.....
I'm not a very experienced javascripter... that's why i need your help here.

A friend asked me to help solve his mouse over problem.
When run in IE it works perfectly.....
But doesn't in Firefox, Opera, Safari etc.......

I think that's because these browsers don't support VBscript... So i need to convert the code below from VBScript to JavaScript

Here's the code used....
</script><script language="VBScript" type="text/vbscript">
Dim MenuBGColor,MenuBGColorMouseOver,DontHide
Sub SetSubMenu(Src,Vis)
document.getElementById("submenu"&Right(Src.ID,2)) .style.pixelLeft=GetPos(document.getElementById("m enu"&Right(Src.ID,2)),"Left")+document.getElementB yId("menu"&Right(Src.ID,2)).offsetWidth
document.getElementById("submenu"&Right(Src.ID,2)) .style.pixelTop=GetPos(document.getElementById("me nu"&Right(Src.ID,2)),"Top")
document.getElementById("submenu"&Right(Src.ID,2)) .style.visibility=Vis
End Sub
Function GetPos(Src,sProp)
Dim iPos,iSrc:Set iSrc=Src
Do Until iSrc Is Nothing
If sProp="Left" Then iPos=iPos+iSrc.offsetLeft Else If sProp="Top" Then iPos=iPos+iSrc.offsetTop
Set iSrc=iSrc.offsetParent
End Function

.... and later used in the body........
<td id="menu01" align="right" onmouseout="SetSubMenu me,'hidden':me.bgcolor=MenuBGColor" onmouseover="SetSubMenu me,'visible':me.bgcolor=MenuBGColorMouseOver">
<img width="15" height="1" alt="" src="img/blank.gif"/>
<a style="font-family: arial; font-size: 14px; text-decoration: none; color: rgb(70, 70, 70);" href="index.aspx?pageid=28">Introductie</a>
<img width="15" height="1" alt="" src="img/blank.gif"/>


I would appreciate your help on this mather.....
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