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Rotating selected Swing JTable column headers?

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I'd like to achieve the above so that I can have lots of columns (with
Boolean cells) that have wide header titles.

Ideally, the headers could be rotated a full 90 degrees, from pure
horizontal (default) to pure vertical.

Looked around in JTable/JTableHeader javadocs, and googled around the
place, but couldn't find anything.

Anyone done this before?

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> > Anyone done this before?
> * * *TableColumn.setHeaderRenderer() sounds promising, although

Sure. I'm after something a bit more programmer-friendly like

I'm probably looking for something that JTable was never conceived to
do, because, for the tilted headers to work, their shapes would have
to distort from the rectangular to sheared rects, ie diamonds. For the
last column, this poses a problem whereby the header needs to be wider
than the natural width of the column.

Don't think the Swing team ever considered the need to support this,
but sure would be nice to be able to do.
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FYI, I managed to get acceptable-looking results by ditching the "any
angle" idea, and just going for 90 degree rotation. The approach I
took is to create a TableCellRenderer that uses JLabel's Icon-
rendering functionality. I use narrow Icons holding the column
titles.. resulting JTable looks good, and lets me have lots of very
narrow columns.

Thx for the suggestion though.
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