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Chris Dent wrote:
> Can anyone please explain how VoIP interracts with the fixed-line
> telephone network? I mean, do VoIP providers need a presence at an
> exchange? How does the call get from the PSTN to the internet and vice
> versa? If I have a geographic number with a VoIP provider do people get
> local rate calls to me from the same area code? If so, do I have to
> pay?

Usually the Voip providers connect to a Wholesale VoIP provider.

The wholesale provider is usually a telco in their own right, or has a
very close working relationship with a telco.

In some cases, the wholesale providers will have an interconnection with
individual BT exchanges. Mostly though, they just interconnect with BT
on a national level.

If you have a geographic number, then people do get local rate calls to
you. You don't have to pay, apart from your monthly number rental.

Physically, people have gateway points where a SIP call becomes an ISDN

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