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"Chris Dent" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message
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> Hi Group.
> I am a first-time poster and joined the group a couple of weeks ago,
> primarily because I am keen to gain a good 'executive' understanding of
> the technologies of the modern telecoms market.
> Can anyone please explain how VoIP interracts with the fixed-line
> telephone network? I mean, do VoIP providers need a presence at an
> exchange? How does the call get from the PSTN to the internet and vice
> versa? If I have a geographic number with a VoIP provider do people get
> local rate calls to me from the same area code? If so, do I have to
> pay?
> Thanks,
> Chris

Select a good ITSP, open an account, select means of connection i.e. SIP
phone, ATA, VoIP router
Set up

And really thats is all there is to it.
You can go the free account route, or paid account from outset.,
Most ITSP's do a freebioe start where you pay if you want a number and to
dial to PSTN
If its a one off or an account to experiment with you could do worse than
get yourself a Draytel number.
You can get a free account there and when you pay 10 get a local geo
number, or an 0845.
Top it up with 20 and get on Silver tariff for better rates.
I still run a couple t hat I have had for years although I have moved onto
multilines and have batch of 100 number and trunks from my ITSP.

If you want to advance and run multi line or an IP PBX you would want to set
you sights higher.

Loads of ways, different ideas and alternative opinion from others on this
Some really useful, some Janet and John style crackpot ideas..

Feel free to mail me if you need to know anything.



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