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Struts EL tags in Weblogic 9

Tim Slattery
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Maybe this is more of a Weblogic question, but maybe somebody here
knows the answer...

We've been using Struts in Weblogic 8, and making heavy use of the
Struts-el tags. Now we're converting to Weblogic 9.

For the initial step, I'd like to keep things as close as possible
between the two systems. That means running the app in WL9 in servlets
2.3 mode. (Going to 2.4 mode involves editing the pages a LOT.) I've
found out that I have to use the JSTL 1.1 libraries in WL9, even in
servlets 2.3 mode. No problem there.

But when I use a struts el tag, the EL expression doesn't get
evaluated! For example:

<html-el:link href="${HistoryBean.respon dent}"
title="Edit pay group 1"> is rendered as:

<a href="${HistoryBean.respon dent}"
title="Edit pay group 1">

instead of something like:

<a href="" title="Edit pay group 1">

I know the ultimate solution is to go to servlets 2.4 mode, then I can
use EL anyplace and I don't even need to el tags. But is there a way
to make it work in servlets 2.3 mode?

Tim Slattery Removed)
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