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GlassFish Update

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Anyone interested in a GlassFish update might check out a
interview( with Sun
GlassFish developer Sahoo who, among other things, is currently
involved in enabling GlassFish to run on the OSGi platform. He's also
writing a portability checking tool for Java EE applications.

Some take-home messages:

The GlassFish team is implementing an OSGi-based microkernel
architecture. GlassFish v3 will soon be delivered as a set of OSGi
bundles along with Felix, an open-source OSGi framework. Users are
free to choose their own OSGi framework as well.

By modularizing GlassFish using OSGi, developers will have the option
of composing the stack differently to cater to the needs of different
classes of applications. It will be easier to add extra modules in
GlassFish as users require. GlassFish will be far more efficient in
using system resources, as only modules used by an application will be
loaded. Life-cycle management of GlassFish will be easier, making it a
candidate to be embedded in other applications. Sahoo emphasized that
his team is strongly committed to achieving all of this while
maintaining backward compatibility.

And looking ahead:

GlassFish will be implementing the Java EE 6 specification soon. They
are making GlassFish available to non-Java programmers such as JRuby
and Groovy users, along with exploring deployment of priority-aware
complex event-processing applications in GlassFish.

GlassFish lovers, check it out!
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