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Re: Which camera has the best dynamic range?

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On Sat, 30 Aug 2008 23:40:55 -0400, Bob Donahue wrote:

> I take a lot of pictures at car shows. The digital cameras I've had to date,
> have trouble rendering white cars in direct sunlight. You can't see the
> curves of the body panels, they come out pure white with no shading! Cars
> that are not white come out beautifully. I'm in the market for a new "point
> and shoot" camera. I've narrowed my choice down to the Fujifilm FinePix
> F100fd or the Nikon CoolPix 610. Both of these models are advertised as
> having special "dynamic range" modes. Which one would be my best bet for
> avoiding washed out highlights?

Possibly the camera you already own. Which one is it? As David
mentioned, a slight amount of exposure compensation may give you
back the missing white highlights, although it may require more than
a -1/3 stop reduction. If your camera can show histograms on
playback, it'll show pretty clearly if you're pictures are being
overexposed. Some cameras also combine a "blinking highlights"
feature that will show the highlight problem areas.

As for the better camera, I'd say probably the F100fd, but that's
a guess since here (USA) the Coolpix S610 has no reviews since it
isn't yet available. B&H indicates that they'll be getting them in
October. If it's anything like the similarly spec'ed CoolPix S600,
the Coolpix P60 and Panasonic's LZ10, Fuji's F100fd clearly
outperforms them for detail and image quality, most obviously at
higher ISOs. Only a little was said about the CP S600's D-Lighting,
and the example primarily showed improved shadow detail. More
attention was paid to improving dynamic range in the F100fd's
reviews, so here's some of what was said. Links follow :

> The FinePix F100fd's adjustable Dynamic Range adjustment helped
> in harsh lighting as in the portrait shots above. You can see that
> highlight detail in the white shirt is off the chart in the first two images,
> but increasing the dynamic range helped to bring out more detail
> in this area, as well as in the shadows and midtones.

> My overall impression of the F100fd is that it does exhibit a bit more
> range than most, if not all compacts I've tested in the past, but the
> impression is not from this comparison alone. Surf shots with the
> F100fd showed consistent retention of detail in the white water portion
> of the waves rather than lost highlights typical of most other cameras.

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