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Panasonic Lumix L10 - cool reception? When a new one comes out?
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Does anyone know if a new replacement for the Lumix L10 SLR camera
will be out soon?
I did not hear much in the various forum about this SLR. What are the
reasons that It did not seem to catch up in popularity?
- because of 4/3 system?
- too expensive?
- does not produce good photos?
- poor advertising campaign?
It's been a year since the L10 replacing the giant- tank type L1. I
heard the Leica lens itself is worth buying (just like those who
bought and loved the FZ50 because of the giant Leica lens).
I did not see very many photos created by this camera.
I am still looking for the mew micro 4/3 system with interest. I don't
like big size camera, and would think that if Olympus and Lumix will
create an SLR the size of a Canon G9, I would be interested to get
one. Too bad that the pancake lens that Olympus has is not a zoom
lens. I wonder how small a zoom lens can be fitted into a micro 4/3
But, then again, would an SLR with micro 4/3 is just another Canon
G7? Particularly, if you buy an SLR and do not take advantage of the
interchangeable lenses.
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