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hi all ,
I have a comboBox .whenever i click on it the
dropdownlist shows up but on clicking on any item in the list the
clicked item gets selected and the list disappears.I want the list to
remain so that i can scroll down through the lictby clicking on any
for example suppose i want to see all the items starting with letter
C ,only the first item starting with C gets selected and the drop down
disappears.i should be able to scroll through all the items starting
with C in the dropdown of the combobox.

Please help
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Andrew Thompson
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On Aug 26, 10:33*pm, mamta81 <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote:
> Please help

Please refrain from multi-posting, in future.

X-post to c.l.j.p./g., w/f-u to c.l.j.p. only.

Andrew Thompson
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