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Re: Bonded T1 with 1720 or 2620
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Just a warning, Before you tell your boss what you need call the
carrier and ask what their bonding/load balancing method is.
If you order has already been placed for the Bonded set you can ask
for your "cut sheet" which will give you all the specifics you need to
turn up the link. In my area Verizon and MCI are both now deploying
only on what was MCI's UUNet which is MLFR.

That means that are taking everyone off of the Verizon infrastructure
one at a time as they can and moving them over.
MLFR is still alive, very well and Very widely used.


On Aug 26, 12:59 am, Doug McIntyre <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote:
> (E-Mail Removed) writes:
> >Any particular IOS image that I need in order to run 2 WICs (whether
> >using 1720/2620 or 1841)?
> >The current IOS image on my 1720 is c1700-sy-mz-122-46.bin

> Cisco Feature Navigator says for your 1720
> MLPPP requires IOS 12.0T or newer. (Not sure if it even goes back to 11 anymore)
> IP CEF load balancing requires IOS (can't find feature name, probably 11.0)
> MLFR (unlikely to be used) requires IOS 12.3T (or special 12.2 releases).
> So, you're well set for it as it is

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