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Re: Asterisk Remote Extension

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Jono wrote:
> The relevant ports are forwarded.

This is probably your problem.

You don't need to forward ports with asterisk. Just sent nat=yes on the

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Gordon Henderson
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In article <48b3dc62$0$624$(E-Mail Removed)>,
Tim <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote:
>Jono wrote:
>> The relevant ports are forwarded.

>This is probably your problem.
>You don't need to forward ports with asterisk. Just sent nat=yes on the

It depends where everything is.

If the asterisk box is behind a NAT firewall (which this one is), then a
remote phone will be unable to register to the asterisk box unless there
is some sort of port-forwarding going on in the router.

And if you are an asterisk box inside a NAT router, trying to talk to
SIP devices outside the NAT router, then you need to tell asterisk the
external IP address it's using to send data out on, on the other side
of the NAT router, and the local LAN IP address range, so it knows what
to put in the outgoing SIP headers. (else it'll send SIP packets out
with it's NATted IP address inside them, which will be passed to the RTP
stream and you'll get the 'classic' one-way audio problem )-:

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