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Coloring scrollbar. One works. One doesn't"

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hree questions. Number 3 is the tough one!

var htmlStyle = document.getElementsByTagName('html')[0].style;
var x =;
x.scrollbarShadowColor = htmlStyle.scrollbarShadowColor = "maroon"
The above script works but I have some questions:

1) my document does not say so but it looks like javascript allows
z=x=5 to set z and x to 5

2)Doesn't the body get the attributes, including style, of the html tag?
Why is it necessary to set the body attributes?

3) Most important question:
The body contains a table containing
<asp:TableCell ID=...
<asp:ContentPlaceHolder ID="MainMasterLeftDataID" ...

The asp:Content is basically
<iframe id="MissionScheduleID" frameborder="0" src="Schedule.htm"...

The end result is that Schedule.htm shows with a scrollbar.
But the scrollbar is not colored.
I assume it's the iframe that creates the scrollbat. Correct?

How can I get that scrollbar to be colored???

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