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Re: Shame on Mozilla
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On Thu, 21 Aug 2008 08:07:19 -0500, Justin <(E-Mail Removed)>

>(E-Mail Removed) wrote on [Thu, 21 Aug 2008 01:03:50 -0500]:
>> If MS actually made some progress, I might feel differently. But what
>> have they really done as far as real progress? I dont see any. They
>> made xp so it would make users look like idiots, by asking the user
>> lots of stupid "do you reallly want to" questions.

>No, it doesn't. Never has.

I've watched others use XP more than I ever used it myself. The
person was asked 2 or 3 times "do you really want to delete that
file?". And similar questions for any other commands that could be
semi destructive. Maybe it was their settings too????

>> that is harder to learn and extremely harder to repair. They continue
>> to slow down newer hardware everytime a faster computer is created.
>> They continue to change the layout and the wording of commonly used
>> features, so the user never totally knows the OS. For example, when I
>> click the START button, I get an option called FIND. I use that
>> often. Why did xp change that to SEARCH (I think thats what it is
>> now).

>Are you seriously complaining that the change of a single word is
>breaking your world?

No, but that is just one example of many other unneeded changes.

>> Why do I need that stupid cartoon dog to jump around on the
>> screen sucking down my resources? Yeah, it might be cute to some
>> people, but I want my memory and CPU power being used for the task I
>> am doing, not for some animated cartoon that gets real boring after a
>> week of use. All that MS has really done for "progress" is make an OS

>Turn it off then. It's easy. I had to try hard to remember where the dog

I didn't know it could be turned off. Guess I do now.

>> running a game machine, nor will I ever. I go online, I store and
>> edit my camera photos, and I use a few home based office programs. I
>> dont want or need all the bloat. I dont want animated cartoons on my
>> desktop, I dont want an OS that's going to annoy me with stupid
>> questions. Win95 was needed, because Win3.x was pretty lacking and

>What stupid questions do you mistakenly believe XP is asking?

See above

>> I'd really like to know what improvements (progress) has been made
>> since Win98se? Aside from easier USB support, I can't think of any.

>> Name a few things that are REALLY progress. I'd like to know.....

>Multi core support, support for greater memory, remote assistance,
>inbuilt CD burning, Cleartype, driver restore capabilities, much greater
>security (with SP2 and beyond), Firefox 3 , IE7.

OK, Thanks.
Just curious about the inbuilt CD burning. Does that mean that with
XP you have the software built into the OS for burning CDs?
I see that as "ADDED SOFTWARE", not really an improvement in the OS,
but I'll wait and see what they really did before I make a judgement.

Yes, I do know it can handle more memory. You got a point there.


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      08-22-2008 Removed) wrote in news:ng7ra41q1do32p6ik7nd14mljbit299bas@

> Does that mean that with
> XP you have the software built into the OS for burning CDs?

You won't ever use it. It stinks.

I use DeepBurner, as always.
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