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My OPE & the Euclicidean TSP

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On Aug 23, 12:06*pm, Tim Smith <(E-Mail Removed)>
> In article
> <(E-Mail Removed)>,
> *JSH <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote:
> > If it's right I don't have to code it. *Just like if my factoring
> > research is right I don't have to implement it.

> This is why every mathematical "discovery" of yours has turned out to be
> wrong. *By refusing to actually test it, you are unable to find the
> flaws. *Finding the flaws is a necessary prerequisite to fixing the
> flaws.
> Note that you don't actually have to write a complete program, or even
> any program at all, for this. *Simply working a few small examples by
> hand would be sufficient.
> Most or all of your work comes down to involving some magic step that
> you never explain. *If people read your description, and sit down and
> try to actually *DO* whatever it is you've claimed to solve (e.g., they
> try to factor an actual number), they hit some step where they are
> supposed to pick a number with a certain property, and you've not told
> HOW to find that number. *The only ways people come up with for picking
> that number end up being equivalent to solving the original problem, and
> so your solution reduces to merely being a (sometimes clever) way to
> restate the problem, not solve it.
> Bottom line: until you are willing to work examples, you will get
> nowhere.

I have worked examples with my factoring research. And "rossum" has

The issue wasn't whether or not my surrogate factoring worked but how
fast it was.

Fact checks reveal that people like you have a contempt for the truth.

There is no doubt that I found another factoring method.

The only issue has been how fast it is, as in whether or not it might
be a threat to public keys.

And, oh wait, I also have my prime counting function, which counts

Kind of hard to fudge on whether or not that gets the count right, eh?

You people do not realize it but I'm fighting for the survival of my
country and you are trying to destroy it.

History turns on stupidity.

Later, what will you do, say you're sorry? That you just didn't
know? Claim there was no way to be sure?

I have mathematical proof. So my prime counting function is absolute
perfection. It counts perfectly.

And my surrogate factoring, factors.

The issue is not whether or not my research works, but just how
effective it is, and I'm saying there are implications that it could
invalidate public key encryption, overnight, and in doing so, possibly
collapse the global economy.

And then what, you'll say, oops?

Apologize to over 6.6 billion people for what you did?

James Harris
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On Aug 24, 2:44*am, rossum <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote:
> On Sun, 24 Aug 2008 01:24:05 -0700 (PDT), JSH <(E-Mail Removed)>
> wrote:
> >I have worked examples with my factoring research. *And "rossum" has
> >verified.

> Correct.
> >The issue wasn't whether or not my surrogate factoring worked but how
> >fast it was.

> Also correct. *All of James' factoring methods that I tested were
> slow, i.e. exponential, doing no better than existing exponential
> methods.
> James' factoring methods worked but they were not fast enough to make
> any impact on RSA sized numbers.
> I have not tested James' TSP algorithm. *I suggest that James uses
> Patricia's test harness, which she kindly provided, to help test his
> own code.
> rossum

The issue here was a claim by "Tim Smith". I was refuting it.

For those who want a re-cap, I have my own factoring method which I
call surrogate factoring.

The disputes over it are not about whether or not it works but about
how fast it is, and how fast it can be, where the established position
obviously is that it isn't that fast and can't be made to be much

And the world is being bet on that assessment, I say.

As if it is wrong then you could be living in a world where your
public keys are being broken, easily, day after day, right now.

James Harris
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On Aug 22, 7:47*pm, Daniele Futtorovic <(E-Mail Removed)>
> These comments should not be misconstrued as an invitation to **** off.
> It's just that there's rather enough trouble afoot as is. First that
> scum NewsMaestro and his sock-puppets, then JSH, then the return of Twisted, his nephew zerg in tow

To the best of my knowledge, zerg is no relation of mine at all. He is
certainly not my nephew; I definitely have none of those.
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