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Re: Forwarding Voipfone to Betamax?

Brian A
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On Wed, 13 Aug 2008 20:25:10 GMT, Removed) (Jose) wrote:

>Hi All,
>Has anyone been able to do this? How??

If you are thinking of trying to forward to the SIP address of a
Betamax company then it won't work afaik. They block the sipbroker
access codes so I assume that they will block SIP addresses also.
The only way I can see of forwarding would be to forward to the PSTN
number that you may have for your Betamax account. If you don't have
one then it is a 'no go'. If you do have one then you can use the
voipfone services to forward to that PSTN number and pay for the
forwarded call. An alternative would be to use Voxalot to forward the
calls via another provider but I am not sure how well voipfone works
with voxalot.
My advice would be to forget about forwarding to Betamax and use a
different company for incoming calls. Preferably one that allows
Sipbroker access. Check here:
I use Voxalot for interfacing my incoming and outgoing calls via
various providers. Sipbroker access is automatic, just preface the
Sipbroker number with a '*', and route as normal through Voxalot.
So, for example, you could use Voiptalk.

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