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Frequency divider with clk en.

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want to make a frequency divider (50 Mhz to any value, 560khz ), I am working with a counter like a freq. divider but there is a warning in Quartus II:

Warning: Found 1 node(s) in clock paths which may be acting as ripple and/or gated clocks -- node(s) analyzed as buffer(s) resulting in clock skew

I read that using a CLK EN is the best way to make a freq. divider, but a I don't know nothing about it, DO YOU HAVE INFORMATION OR EXAMPLES ABOUT? HELP ME PLEASE
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jeppe jeppe is offline
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Hopefully will this appear useful:
your welcomeš

PHP Code:
entity Freqency_divider is
(     Clkin in  STD_LOGIC;
Clkout inout  STD_LOGIC := '0');
end Freqency_divider;

How to avoid clockskew in logic designs
architecture Behavioral of Freqency_divider is
    signal Enable
(Clkin)-- All processes should use the same clock
        variable Scale_counter
integer range 0 to 2000000;
if rising_edge(Clkinthen
if Scale_counter 1500000 then -- Random value
:= Scale_counter+1;
Enable <= '0';
Scale_counter := 0;
Enable <= '1';        -- Must only be '1' for one clkin cycle
end if;
end process;
process(Clkin)        -- All processes should use the same clock
if rising_edgeClkinthen
if Enable='1' then            -- heres the "trick"
Clkout <= not Clkout;    -- Do something
end if;
end process;

end Behavioral
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