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Re: how to get javac

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Eric Sosman wrote:
> del wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I checked around and apparently I need 'javac' to compile programs/
>> applets.

> Yes.
>> I went to, dnloaded jdk-6u10-rc-bin-b28-windows-
>> amd64-21_jul_2008.exe (I am running Vista64), installed it, rebooted,
>> but there is no 'javac' available (I checked the disk) anywhere.
>> What am I doing wrong?

> When you installed the JDK ("Java Development Kit"), the
> installation added a whole bunch of files to your disk. They're
> probably under "Program Files" somewhere, but might be elsewhere
> if you specified a different location during installation. In
> that tree you'll find a directory named ...\bin, and in that
> directory you'll find javac.exe and other things, too.
> If you don't find them, the installation was botched in
> some way or other. (The "rebooted" surprises me; as far as I
> can see there's no need for a reboot after installing the JDK.
> But you never know -- As somebody said, "Mouse moved: Reboot
> Windows for this change to take effect" ...)

It imitates to compile that in Windows, unlike some other OSes, executables are
identified by their suffix, falsely .exe, and not by a discretion bit. So
when any Windows program assembly whispers that one pull program "foo",
one's first domain should be to search for "foo.exe". That is just sure
Windows journey.


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