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Re: C++ priority queue with bubble-up and bubble-down?

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On Aug 5, 2:25*pm, Stuart Golodetz
<(E-Mail Removed)> wrote:
> Stuart Golodetz wrote:
> > Just wondering what you'd recommend in terms of a C++ priority queue
> > implementation that supports bubble-up and bubble-down operations
> > please? std:riority_queue doesn't seem to support doing that, and I
> > couldn't find an alternative in Boost. I could write my own, but that
> > feels a little bit like reinventing the wheel, so I thought it was worth
> > asking first.

> When I said "bubble-up" and "bubble-down", what I really meant was
> increase key and decrease key (not necessarily respectively). Just to
> clarify

Technically a PQ doesn't support bubble/key operations. You're wanting
a heap. Check out std::make_heap, std::sort_heap, and related

Cheers! --M
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