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L in C

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I am a novice C learner. And I don't have much advanced tutorial/
documentations on it too. yesterday i tried to write a windows console
timer program in C and i struck with some ...very unclear solutions....
(should say). First i was trying to write something on the title bar
of the consol window using following code:
sWTitle = "my Title";
Above code gave me some unknown characters in my console title bar.
Then I changed sWrite value with {L"my Title";} which performed
excatly as i needed. I added L unknowingly. Can you tell me what is
this L for? Is there any other `prefix/type caster/whatever`(i don't
know what it is called) in C? And one more... I used threads in my
program and i want it to be paused on some keyboard events without
interrupting another running threads. Is there a way to pause running
thread in C? Thanking you all for the reply in advance.
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