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Re: race conditions in huge project

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On Jul 31, 11:52 am, Moritz Schmid <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote:
> Hi,
> I was recently assigned a huge unfinished vhdl project. Now that I have
> had a first glance at my predecessor's code, I suspect there to be
> quite a few race conditions.
> Does any one have experience with a good and solid method to identify these?
> My idea would be to insert flags, whether a value was already set in a
> cycle, and to check for these (maybe with something like an assertion),
> before using the value to determine new values.
> Any help would be really appreciated!

I can't say I am familiar with problems from race conditions other
than in async logic. If you have async logic in a cycle (a loop) then
you have potential latches. I suspect I am not really grasping what
you are describing.

When you say "cycle" what are you referring to exactly? Is this a
synchronous design? Is there async feedback?

The more important design technique for properly implementing a large
design is partitioning it into smaller designs, each with a clear and
well defined interface to the rest of the design. It is good to adopt
a standard way of interfacing these smaller blocks so that you don't
have to keep track of a lot of complicated details at each

Does any of that help? Can you give more info on your problem?

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