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Re: HTML for mobile phones?

J.O. Aho
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Chris wrote:
> If I want to make a website easily accessible by most mobile phones,
> what are the rules?
> I did a bit of googling, and it looks like you can use plain html,
> xhtml, WAP/WML, and other things. What are most people doing these days?

Much depends on what you want to support, there is still many phones that only
supports wml (and some variations of it), but newer cellphones supports xhtml.

There is a different level of usage of CSS, some can handle just basics others
can a lot more, while you have oldies that will ignore all CSS.

Text colors is another issue, some cellphones uses a limited amount of colors,
no matter which colors you use (font tag or css), you get one of the default
colors, that is nearest the color you requested to display and this can easily
render a page where the text isn't visible.

Different cellphones supports different images, but in general most phones do
support gif and many times jpg, never ones supports png too.

As the amount of RAM is different on cellphones, you should avoid pages that
are big and has many images, as this will fast fill up the RAM on older
phones, which then can't display the page (in many cases not at all).

If you want to support a high number of cellphones, you have to be prepared to
use wml and select extra things depending on what the phone supports, for you
help you have the GPL tool WURFL, which gives you an easy way to access
information about the cellphone in question by using the user agent from it
(trouble is those who installed mini-opera, as you don't get the UA that
identifies the cellphone).

After working with cellphones the whole last year, I'm happy that I don't do
that any more...


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